May 30, 2013

Yup, this is tough

That's been my thought off and on this week. More off than on, happily, but it's still a struggle: Sugar is everywhere, and cutting it out of a diet is a time-intensive, detail-minding task.

Probably most frustrating so far, however, is that there are no results to really speak of so far. Sure, I know it's only been 48 hours, so obviously I'm not shedding inches yet. And while I do feel a bit more energy as I go about each day, I'm not overwhelmed by "healthy" vibes. Yet.

I've only got 22 hours left in this round of the "cleanse" -- and I'm already pondering a "Part Deux" for next week. Should I start Saturday? Monday? (Sunday's a cheat day, no matter what, in my opinion.) I'll see how I'm feeling.

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