September 26, 2010

Summer in the City

After just three years of living here, it's still strange to me that as the rest of the country turns to cooler weather each "autumn" -- pulling out sweaters and scarfs in burgundies and grays -- we in San Francisco throw open our windows, strip down to our swimsuits and head outside to soak up the sun that has been so long in coming to us.

It's Sun., Sept. 26, and the temperature in my fair city is a balmy 81 degrees Fahrenheit, one of the warmest days we've had all year. Yesterday was so warm that after sweating -- a phenomenon! -- at the Polk Street Blues Festival, we went to the beach at Crissy Field, where V. actually swam in the water several times. As in, fully submerged in the water, floating around, enjoying the cool of the Bay. That never happens here. And the forecast is for the warmth to continue, right on into next weekend.

I can't really complain about the heat. We do wait for it all year, and it's quite lovely to have, especially with the 10th Annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival just around the corner. But it does come at a conflicting time this year. As one who just got married, I'd really like nothing more than to be nesting right now -- settling in, buying new furniture, getting organizers for the kitchen, etc., etc. But who wants that when it's so lovely outside? Being inside IKEA feels like a jail sentence of sorts. So I must resign myself, I think, to the out-of-doors realm until post-Indian-wedding. Apartment, you shall have my attention some day. Just not today.

September 22, 2010

Day 4: Playing House

Since the hubs has this new day-time gig, it truly does feel like we're playing house. I go to work; he goes to work. I get home from the gym after work, and he's already here, sorting the mail and gathering his laundry. It's the first time since we started dating that we've worked the same hours. Thank you, new shift, for enabling the fun.

September 21, 2010

Tuesday Musings

Toward the end of the day today, I discovered a gaffe I made nearly three weeks ago, before I left for my wedding and honeymoon. I CC'd my entire team on a draft e-mail to another person. No major harm was done, but it clued the team into a project I was working on that wasn't yet finished. Worse yet, in the mix-up, I forgot to attach the project, which is now lost (along with the hours I spent on it). Atypical for me, easily attributed to bride brain, etc. -- but still difficult to stomach. Boo.

Other things, though, are looking up. I left the office before 6 p.m. today because I knew V. would be waiting at home, owing to his new 9-to-5 gig. My new strategy of dressing up also seems to be proving itself in small ways: friendlier exchanges with strangers on the bus, the odd compliment, self-esteem boost, etc. I'm also drinking wine out of an over-sized wine glass as we speak, which means I'm back in the proud, capitalist United States of America -- a land I learned to appreciate all over again on our trip, lovely though it was.

Last but not least, I have an unexpected letter waiting for me from a dear friend, someone I met during a tumultuous time for both of us. I think we would have been friends anyway, but we became fast buds under the circumstances. A note from her is not at all a bad way to end Day 3 of the return to normal life.