July 28, 2013

Life is sweet

I gotta tell you -- there are days when I think I must have the most perfect life ever. This is one of them.

For two weeks, I've been wanting to celebrate the birth of my niece, Lizzy, with a scone, bacon and champagne breakfast -- and for whatever reason, it hasn't worked out. But now that the royal baby's arrived, it seemed a fitting time to snap to -- and I finally had the ingredients, including cherries and clotted cream, in my tiny kitchen.

I had a bit of a nervous challenge ahead of me: My scone recipe was not quite perfected. For years, I've been trying to turn my favorite savory scone recipe into a sweet one, with limited success. No matter what I tried, the scones always seemed to come out heavy, dull or -- worst of all -- bitter. Today, however, the stars aligned, and we ended up with light, fluffy and moist puffs, chockfull of cherries, chopped almonds and dark chocolate.

Why celebrate the coinciding births of Lizzy and Prince George of Cambridge? Well it's lovely of you to ask. You see, my family have a long history of coinciding births with the royal family.  ‪Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, you see, was born a mere three weeks after me -- meaning that my mother and Diana, Princess of Wales, were pregnant at the same time. And as my father-in-law apparently used to call my husband the "Prince of Wales," I'm pretty sure my kin are bound for greatness, power and influence.

Here's to you, royal Lizzy!

Blanc de blancs, cafe crème, applewood-smoked bacon and cherry-chocolate-almond scones with clotted cream.