April 7, 2014

Back to the flowering homestead

We got home from our vacation to Japan this weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised to find not only that our grass hadn't grown that long (even with the recent rains!) -- but also that the entire backyard seems to be in bloom! The lemon tree is still in bud, the apple tree has fresh blossoms, the bon bons have gone crazy and even our kale bolts have a bit of flower on them.

I had just been reading a story recommending planting blossoming plants, including sages, to help out the bee population -- so I wasn't surprised to find a handful of buzzers humming around our blooming sage. And seriously, since when does moss bloom? Love it!

The amazing flowering moss that lines our stepping stone walkway.

Spring has sprung here in Oakland, and I'm so happy about it. Here's to warmer weather, longer days and lots of relaxing in the sun in our backyard.

*More to come! But millions of thanks for now to Lea, Rob and Elle for being amazing hosts and getting our trip kicked off.