September 21, 2010

Tuesday Musings

Toward the end of the day today, I discovered a gaffe I made nearly three weeks ago, before I left for my wedding and honeymoon. I CC'd my entire team on a draft e-mail to another person. No major harm was done, but it clued the team into a project I was working on that wasn't yet finished. Worse yet, in the mix-up, I forgot to attach the project, which is now lost (along with the hours I spent on it). Atypical for me, easily attributed to bride brain, etc. -- but still difficult to stomach. Boo.

Other things, though, are looking up. I left the office before 6 p.m. today because I knew V. would be waiting at home, owing to his new 9-to-5 gig. My new strategy of dressing up also seems to be proving itself in small ways: friendlier exchanges with strangers on the bus, the odd compliment, self-esteem boost, etc. I'm also drinking wine out of an over-sized wine glass as we speak, which means I'm back in the proud, capitalist United States of America -- a land I learned to appreciate all over again on our trip, lovely though it was.

Last but not least, I have an unexpected letter waiting for me from a dear friend, someone I met during a tumultuous time for both of us. I think we would have been friends anyway, but we became fast buds under the circumstances. A note from her is not at all a bad way to end Day 3 of the return to normal life.

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